N8JML / KX8D Tower Wiring
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Had to remove old concrete pad for old oil tank first.

Good thing we had this available to help with concrete removal.

Testing transmission lines for correct impedance and loss characteristics.

Be sure not to become dehydrated while working - think it was Busch.

Almost immeasurable loss with 7/8" hard line.

New Samlex P/S. Works well. Top is Yaesu FT-8800.

Hard line to be cut and buried at later date.

ICOM AH-4 coupler used for low bands until triangle completed.

King Kutter sub-soiler.

Works better than a shovel!!!

Initial cut made with bare sub-soiler. Then 14" blade added to widen.

Just followed a straight rope. Glad trees weren't closer together.

Final run is a hand-job!

Temporaty hookup until lines are buried and conduit is installed for small coax and control lines.

Very messy. Will be fixed later.

Temporary hookup to relieve strain until run through wall.

Looks bad, but wanted it hooked up for winter. Will be run through box later.

Temporary WX protection of control lines until finalized.